SAR | SAR History
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SAR History

National Society   

The Sons of the American Revolution was incorporated on January 17, 1890 and later chartered by the United States Congress on June 9, 1906.  Prior to this date a number of state societies were formed in the 1880’s.  The first Congress of the National Society was held in Louisville, Kentucky on April 30, 1890.

Any male who is a lineal descendant of an ancestor who supported the war for American Independence is eligible for membership in the Sons of the American Revolution. These ancestors are referred to as Revolutionary War Patriots and include those persons who fought in the military or militia, who provided supplies to the American cause. who served on political bodies supporting the Revolution, or who signed oaths of support and similar acts.

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Texas Society  

On December 9, 1896 The Galveston Daily News announced the organization of the Texas Society of Sons of the American Revolution. They formed the Bernardo de Galvez Chapter and selected Ira H. Evans as the first state president.  The first annual meeting of the Texas Society SAR was held on February 22, 1897 with fifteen members in attendance.  As of March 2019, there are sixty-six Chapters in the state of Texas. Membership has grown from the original fifteen to 2,500, and as of 2014, 10,943 men had joined the Texas Society.  There are 59 American Revolutionary War Patriots known to be buried in Texas.

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