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Joining Information





New members are always welcome. Prospective members must submit their application with sufficient lineage evidence as to satisfy the state and national registrar. We encourage you to pursue this process and become our fellow compatriot. For more information, check out the National SAR website and use their Apply for Membership tab to get started.

Our Texas Society, Sons of the American Revolution, also has much information available at their Texas SAR website. Use their “About Texas SAR” tab to find several links to Officers, Committees, Interested in Joining, History, Fees and Constitution. Use their “Joining Info” tab for more information.

Many SAR Compatriots and Daughters of the American Revolution have already undergone this application process. Their lineage to their patriot ancestors has been recorded in the SAR National Database Patriot Search and DAR Ancestor & Descendants Search DAR Patriot Search. Many times, a prospective member can save time and effort by seeking and using a compatriot’s Record Copy from SAR or DAR for lineage and proof of patriot service. Otherwise, proof of your patriot’s service is required.


Steps to get started:

  • Contact the chapter Registrar early in the process, introduce yourself for instructions and questions, and let him assist with your application preparation.
  • See our Events page for our Open Meeting Schedule. Come to our open meetings to meet the registrar and other compatriots.
  • By setting up a ​log in account​​ on the SAR website, you will be able to to access and use the online application process or download an Application in .PDF to use as your worksheet while gathering your family lineage, sources and patriot service information.  To create an account Click Here.  Then for the online application Online Application and to download .PDF application PDF Application.
  • Please don’t get overwhelmed with the process as the chapter Registrar is there to assist.